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Seafood Connection closes takeover of Weerstand Beheer B.V.

Seafood Connection Holding acquired Weerstand Beheer B.V. on Monday, October 2nd.
Seafood Connection, already a longtime minority- shareholder of Weerstand, has now acquired all the shares.

Weerstand has developed into a stable and profitable company in recent years, focusing mainly on the production of flatfish from the North Sea, shellfish and freshwater fish products. CEO Jan Kaptijn: ‘We are not going to make major changes in Weerstand's operations in the short term. The company is in good shape and we want to continue the current course. It's the people who have to do it and we have 100% confidence in the current team of Weerstand.’

Seafood Connection itself was acquired by Japanese Maruha Nichiro in 2013.
Jan Kaptijn: 'In order to continue our rapid growth path, we needed a strong financial partner. And because Maruha Nichiro did not have a sales network within Europe yet, this was the right strategic move for both.

The strategy of Seafood Connection focuses in particular on extension of the product range in combination with the focus on opening local sales offices in Europe. Jan Kaptijn: ‘With the acquisition of Weerstand we gain access to new markets. In Europe, the future of trade in fishery products looks promising and at the same time we see an increasing demand for locally caught fish products such as Plaice, Sole and Norwegian lobster. Weerstand already has these products in its assortment.’
In addition, the acquisition fits into the vertical integration strategy of Seafood Connection.
Kaptijn: 'Weerstand has been a longtime production partner but now we can use the plant even better and make it part of our plans.’

Both companies have been cooperating in the joint venture Nephrops since 2012, focusing mainly on the purchase, production and sale of Norwegian lobster.

Weerstand is a well-known trading company in fresh and frozen fish products. It is located in Urk and has various modern production facilities. In 2011, co-founder Simon Weerstand resigned as director. Co-founder, Okke Weerstand, will resign as director as well. Current management, Pieter Gerssen (COO) and Geert Berkhout (CFO) will take over their tasks.

Seafood Connection is a leading company in the import, export and distribution of frozen fish products. The company works with a network of purchase and sales offices throughout the whole world, resulting in excellent local contacts. All fish products are produced in certified factories and are controlled by its own quality teams.

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