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10% of Pangasius already ASC certified

IDH support instrumental in reaching ambitious goal

10% of Vietnamese pangasius export volume ASC certified

The Vietnamese pangasius sector will achieve its target to certify 10% of its production for export under the ASC standard by the end of 2012. This achievement was recognized last week during an event in Ho Chi Minh City. The ASC Accelerator program of IDH and DKSH, FEMEG, Mayonna, Nordic Seafood, Queens and Seafood Connection has been instrumental in reaching this ambitious target fast. More than 90 per cent of world exports of pangasius is sourced from Vietnam. In 2011, Vietnam’s pangasius export value reached USD1.85 billion representing 1 per cent of GDP - making it an important sector for Vietnam. In December 2010, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), the Vietnam Fisheries Society (VINAFIS) and WWF signed a Cooperation Agreement to support efforts to improve environmental and social responsibility in the pangasius industry in order to achieve ASC certification. The goal was set to achieve 100% certified farmed pangasius production for export by 2015 and 10% ASC certified by 2012. A major shift of the industry With the support of IDH, SNV, the Vietnamese government, VASEP, VINAFIS and WWF some of the largest pangasius producers are becoming certified, reaching Vietnam’s 10% target. “These pioneering companies are setting an example for the wider industry. If the market responds appropriately, a major shift of the industry to responsible farming methods will be triggered,” said Dr. Nguyen Huu Dzung, VASEP Vice President. “Adopting responsible practices will also increase the future sustainability of the industry in Vietnam, protecting income and employment for the long term.”

ASC Accelerator

Powered by IDH, SNV, European pangasius traders such as DKSH, FEMEG, Mayonna, Nordic Seafood, Queens and Seafood Connection supported there Vietnamese suppliers to comply to ASC standards. Klaas-Jan Mazereeuw of Seafood Connection, one of the Dutch pangasius traders that is partner of the ASC Accelerator, was present at the event in Ho Chi Minh City: ‘The pangasius industry has been facing criticism since the fish was introduced in the EU 15 years ago. That hit the sector hard. When pangasius was red listed by WWF the turnover of some of our suppliers went down with 40%. That was the wake up call for the Vietnamese government. The pangasius industry started with compliance to Global Gap and now there is the to ASC standards. For traders like us, ASC certification, which is more strict than Global Gap on social and environmental issues, is an element in making our sector future proof and it helps to create a positive image’.

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ASC compliance is good for business

Most of Vietnam’s pangasius farms are located in the Mekong Delta. Farms vary in size from less than 1 hectare to more than 100 ha. Vinh Hoan, one of the first pangasius producers to get ASC certified: ‘ Vinh Hoan has actively participated in the development of ASC standards hosted by WWF. Now we worked with the ASC Accelerator to proactively implement them at the farm level and attain ASC certification’. “Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system in the world, and its rapid expansion has not come without impacts,” said Chris Ninnes, ASC’s CEO. “ASC certification recognizes and rewards farms that are following responsible practices. This includes conservation of water resources, no misuse of antibiotics, responsible use of feed, and behaving in a socially responsible manner.”

Video: “Responsibly Farmed Pangasius, A Taste Of Things To Come,” a short video about responsible pangasius production in Vietnam, and highlighting one of the most recent farms to secure ASC certification, can also be viewed at: link to the video

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